Conservation programs deserve a thoughtful and strategic road map for the future—a comprehensive long-range plan, fully integrated throughout the organization and embraced by the board and staff. Just like you create an annual budget or a long-term master plan, so too should you have a comprehensive plan for conservation. A plan that defines - what success looks like; what are your signature projects and strategic collaborations; and how to grow funding.

The threat of extinction looms large for many species--including charismatic zoo and aquarium favorites such as elephants, giraffes, orangutans, tigers, sea turtles, and sharks, and far too many species of reptiles, birds, amphibians and invertebrates—and their future depends, at least in part, on the success of AZA organizations in meeting their conservation mission. Yet how many AZA aquariums and zoos have a truly thoughtful, intentional, and consistent process for developing their conservation focus and investment? We’ve seen countless dedicated, highly-educated professionals in this field committed to saving wildlife and wild places, but often without an organizational commitment to conservation planning.

At Zoo Advisors, we believe that conservation is not a simply a goal or a word in our mission statements, but our primary mission and our reason for being – one that requires integration with all aspects of our operations and constituents. Our expert team can help you:

  • develop zoo and aquarium-based conservation programs (both locally and internationally);

  • strategically determine the most productive zoo/aquarium-based efforts and collaborations for your institution;

  • help to focus your programs and projects where they can have the greatest impact;

  • assist with ideas for integrating those programs throughout the institution;

  • help identify dedicated sources of support to fulfill your mission; and

  • create a long-range, visionary yet realistic plan that pulls it all together.

Our team is uniquely qualified to help your entire organization reach its potential: we have skilled, experienced professionals in strategic, business, and master planning, governance and board development, marketing and membership, and conservation and education, including our newest team members, Dr. Eric Miller and Dr. Jackie Ogden.

Dr. Miller contributes his depth and breadth of experience in both animal welfare and global conservation to help our clients develop and achieve visionary conservation initiatives that deliver impact and inspire engagement. As a veterinarian, Eric places the well-being of all animals at the forefront; as a dedicated conservationist, he’s committed to saving wildlife held in our care as well as in the field.

Dr Ogden most recently served as vice president of Animals, Science and Environment for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, bringing to ZA her strong expertise in executive leadership and notoriety within both the global and national zoological communities, including having served as Chair of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). In addition to these areas of expertise, Dr. Ogden contributes skills in strategic planning, field conservation, animal welfare, education planning and evaluation, environmental sustainability, meeting facilitation, and organizational design and assessment.

Zoo Advisors can help develop successful conservation programs and a strategy that is truly integrated organization-wide, recognizing the importance of both mission and margin. At ZA our goal has always been to find ways to grow your revenue so that you can grow your mission impact. This philosophy should serve as a guidepost for each institution as it defines its own conservation mission.

As countless species grow increasingly threatened, or even face extinction in the wild, conservation planning can help each zoological organization ensure that its conservation budget has the greatest impact, both individually and collectively for our institutions, and most importantly for the protection of the animals in our care.