Data is the New Black

Zoo Advisors is turning information into intelligence.

Our industry captures and shares huge amounts of data…but are we using it to our advantage? Frankly, are we using it at all? We don’t think so and we’d like to change that. By analyzing and interpreting this mountain of data, we can glean information that can and will help you better manage your business.

What is our attendance potential? Are we maximizing our membership revenue? What is the ceiling for our annual appeal?

Which states have gender parity at the Director level?

Which states have gender parity at the Director level?

The answers to these questions (and hundreds more like them) can have far reaching effects on your zoo or aquarium. That’s why Zoo Advisors has developed a new line of DATA ANALYSIS SERVICES including a monthly newsletter where we’ll be drilling down into metrics and data to answer these questions and ultimately to help drive visitation, grow revenue, and achieve your mission. Look for our inaugural newsletter later this month where we will talk about market penetration. Stay tuned!