Be part of the success

New exhibits are being designed, changes to membership programs are happening, new leaders are making their mark, and strategies are being implemented. Business has been good for zoos and aquariums and Zoo Advisors is helping to make that happen. Over the last year, we’ve worked on close to twenty new projects with a dozen new clients. We’ve also developed a database of industry data going back ten years and enhanced it with demographics, giving us incredible and unmatched insights into the business.

Here’s just some of what we’ve been up to in the last year –

  • We conducted a business planning feasibility study for the Knoxville Zoo for several new concepts including a herpetarium, a new show space, and an expanded Africa area.
  • We analyzed, assessed and evaluated membership programs for the Miami and Oakland Zoos.
  • We are developing a business plan to accompany a new master plan for the Butterfly Pavilion, a new AZA member.
  • We facilitated Blue Ribbon Panels with experts from around the country for clients like the Oregon Coast Aquarium to inspire innovation, new ideas, and bold thinking.
  • We helped the National Zoo identify the best candidates for a top animal position.

And, here’s what is yet to come –

  • We’re providing expert counsel on Board Development to the Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum.
  • We’re conducting an assessment of governance options for the Buttonwood Park Zoo.
  • We’re performing a staffing assessment and evaluation for the Hutchinson Zoo.
  • We’re creating a business model to link to a new facility master plan for Summit Park in Panama.
  • We’re working with Oglebay Good Zoo to benchmark and position the institution for greatest success.
  • We’re wrapping up a new strategic plan for the San Francisco Zoo with several new bold strategic imperatives.

Thanks to you our client list keeps growing, the range of services we provide keeps expanding, and you keep succeeding.