What is the Future of Zoos?

Over the past few decades, public consciousness about the importance of conserving the natural world has increased substantially, and opinions about zoos and aquariums are changing. Those of us inside the profession welcome this change: conservation education is at the foundation of what we do, and the shift is an opportunity for us to answer the call and extend our reach by challenging ourselves to find ways to be more impactful; to touch more people and affect greater change on the world.

A recent article in Time magazine addressed the future of zoos and aquariums, outlining the challenges that lie ahead, and Zoo Advisors’ President and Chief Advisor David Walsh was among the industry leaders interviewed. Click here to read the whole article.

To some, the future of zoos and aquariums is uncertain. But those of us on the inside—the educators, directors, keepers, vets, and operators up and down the line—we know the importance of our role in conserving wildlife and wild places, and we will answer the call.