The success or failure of an organization is determined primarily by leadership.

By poking, prodding, and counseling more than 100 cultural attractions, including zoos, aquariums, museum, and gardens, we’ve come to know these organizations almost as well as the people who lead them. This unique insight guides us in our recruiting efforts, allowing us to identify leaders who can harness and foster the passion inherent across an organization. It informs us when developing leadership succession strategies, and it allows us to bring to the table a diverse group of candidates with the right mix of talent, experience, and cultural understanding of the world of zoos and conservation organizations.

Executive Search
When it comes to executive searches, our commitment to clients is not merely to find someone to fill a particular role. It’s to find that perfect someone. An individual whose leadership skills and style align with and strengthen the vision, mission, and culture of the organization.

Effective leadership isn’t generic. To achieve great performance, companies need a leadership profile that reflects their unique context, strategy, business model, and culture—the company’s unique behavioral signature.
— Harvard Business Review

We know the field and we know the players. No two zoos, aquariums, or botanic gardens are the same. That’s why, before launching an executive search, we study the DNA of the hiring organization—its strategy, opportunities, challenges, and people—until we fully understand its needs and can strategize how (and who) to recruit for the job. Ours is an efficient and rigorous process that gives us an advantage when fishing from a large pool of candidates and allows us to land the best talent in the pond.

Leadership Succession
Change should be a process. Not an event. Organizations that are proactive about leadership succession rather than reactive are more likely to enjoy ongoing success. By having the right people in the wings ready to assume leadership, well-prepared organizations can ensure continuity of their vision.

 The retirement, resignation, or death, of a key executive can send an ill-prepared organization into a tailspin. We help our clients plan for, identify, and prepare the next generation long before current leaders make their exit. Through a discovery process that includes multiple meetings and interviews with executives and board members, we work closely with organizations to clearly define their future vision and develop a succession plan to support this vision. That typically means building bench strength and identifying and grooming future leaders internally. But if the consensus is that fresh ideas and new perspectives are needed, we broaden our search, building relationships with prospective successors outside of the organization. 

Inclusive, transparent, flexible, forward-thinking. Not only are these a few of our guiding principles, they are also the values manifested in our work to promote greater diversity in leadership. We are especially passionate about—and skilled in—motivating the next generation of women leaders. Through conferences, networking events, and mentoring programs, we encourage and inspire women in our field to take their careers to the next level. We also facilitate opportunities for women in executive-level roles to support women in the early stages of their careers.