Securing or maintaining the ‘stamp of approval’ from your industry’s accrediting body is not an easy task. But it is worth the effort. If your zoo or aquarium is going through an accreditation process, whether for the first time or a renewal, Zoo Advisors can help you work towards attaining the stringent standards, meeting the rigorous strategic and financial requirements, or navigating the complex administrative aspects of these highly involved processes.

Includes site and facility assessments, evaluating strategic, master, and business plan readiness, staffing and policy reviews, and implementing fixes and solutions.


  • Reach: We have an unrivaled team of advisors from every discipline to prepare you for an accreditation and help you overcome obstacles that stand in your way.
  • Agility: We will rapidly assemble and deploy experts tailored to ensure you get the specific support and knowledge you need.
  • Hands-on: Our team can not only help address strategic issues but also provide the hands-on support to assist with implementation of recommendations.
  • Expertise: As full service consultants, we know this industry inside and out. We’ve been through these processes ourselves. No other firm can provide the same holistic support.